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Day 1: Thursday 16th October

Plenary Session 1

Driving Innovation - A Critical Capability by Scott Edgett
Data Analytics and Financial Services Regulation in the 21st Century by Brian Bieron

Plenary Session 2

On Your Radar - Concrete Value Creation in Montréal’s FinTech Industry by Eric Lemieux
Mobile Payments as the Point of Sale – Accelerating the Use of Digital Currency by Robert Smythe
A few Myths and a bit of Reality about Derivatives by Pascal François

Plenary Session 3

Education in the Innovation Equation by Marie Muldowney
How Technology can affect the Competitiveness of Financial Centres by Mark Yeandle

Panel Discussion 1

Investing in FinTech Innovation by Mircea Mihaescu

Day 2: Friday 17th October

Parallel Session 1A

Financial literacy of young customers and their expectations concerning banking services by Monika Klimontowicz and Bożena Fraczek
E-transparency of finance institutions: The case of Lithuanian credit providers by Ginta Railiene
The Ethics of Financial Speculation in Futures Markets by Matthias Georg Will

Parallel Session 1B

Cloud-enabled innovations for financial services by Sergey Yablonsky
What types of innovation contribute to performance in financial services? by Andrey Martovoy

Parallel Session 2A

Improving innovation: A Deloitte perspective on how financial institutions can become better innovators by Terry Stuart
The exploration of the human element in open innovation: The case of financial institutions by Dimitrios Salampasis – The first non-proprietary international open innovation platform for the financial services industry by Patrick Schüffel

Parallel Session 2B

Trends in mobile payments research: A literature review by Denis Dennehy

Parallel Session 3A

Société Générale: Creative and collaborative workplace by Laurent Marochini
The involvement of customers in financial services by Dieter De Smet

Parallel Session 3B

Assessing the Cost of a Long-Term Longevity Swap Using a Vector Autoregressive Model of Mortality by Christian Dorion
Pricing counterparty risk for American and Bermudian-type derivatives by Michèle Breton
Market Reaction to Patent Events – Event Study by Niaz Kammoun

Practitioner Workshop 1

Innovation by Design Thinking - Business Model Innovation by Denis Dennehy and Dieter De Smet

Practitioner Workshop 2

Harnessing the Power of Insight - Customer Centric Product Innovation by Lina Bonapace and Jennifer Fraser