is Québec’s financial cluster and was created in 2010 by major players of the financial services industry at the invitation of the Québec Government. Finance Montréal's mission is to continuously expand Montréal's reputation on the world financial markets, promoting the city as a strong and innovative industrial hub that contributes to Québec’s economic development. The organization helps strengthen Québec's financial sector by generating growth in high value-added financial activities strategic to its development. A non-profit organization with 23 Governors, 12 Associate Members and close to 100 volunteer professionals, Finance Montréal fosters cooperation among a vast range of financial sector companies to watch over the industry’s common interests while generating higher awareness of the financial specializations found in Montréal.

is a series of specialised international events for people working with innovation in the financial services sector. The aim is to visit prime financial services centres across the world, building connections between financial services professionals and academics and enabling them to present and discuss the latest developments relating to innovations for, and within, the financial services sector.

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